The Pumpkin Regatta

What are you doing this weekend?

Headed out to Run Like Hell?

Going to the Pumpkin Maze?

Well, I’m going to suggest something completely crazy — try the Pumpkin Regatta!

Some More Suggestions

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Rockin’ Ever After (Disney on Ice)

Disney on Ice’s newest show opens next week at the Rose Garden.

In a new twist on fairytale fun, favorite Disney characters compete to be the next superstar in comical segments leading up to the tales of show stopping princesses — Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle, and Merida from Disney•Pixar’s BRAVE in her ice debut!

You should check it out!

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Neil Gaiman – Libraries, Reading, Daydreaming

How can you tell how many prisons to build? Count the number of kids 11-15 who don’t read for pleasure.

Read this engaging and fascinating article by one of the planet’s best authors. And then read a book. And model reading for pleasure to your kids.

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More Than Hufflepuffs

Steven Padnick over at the Tor blog site makes a great argument for not sorting ourselves into the Potterverse houses.

He points out that of the four houses, one of them is the “Racist” house- for people who say they are ambitious but are really just lazy. Their defining characteristic, what binds them together, is a hatred of mudbloods. Of the remaining two, our three protagonists are from the house of Bravery, which really limits how we project ourselves into the story.

You should check out what he has to say about sorting ourselves like this; his article.

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Sunday Parkway – Disney on Ice!

Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled. Stay dry, my friends!


Have you seen the signs around for Disney On Ice Rockin’ Ever After? Want a chance to win tickets?

Well, they’re going to have a booth at this weekend’s Sunday Parkway.

The steps are simple:

  1. Dress up in your favorite Disney gear
  2. Find the Disney on Ice booth at The Troy Activity Area (SW 28th and Troy Ave)
  3. Pick up your free ticket to Disney on Ice!

Forgot to dress up? They’ll have supplies on hand to decorate bikes in Disney style!

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Hyperbole and a Half

You may have seen a post of “23 web comics that help explain depression.” Hyperbole and a Half was on that list. Not only does Allie (the author of HaaH) herself suffer from depression, but she manages to describe how insidious and tenacious it actually is.

If you don’t know anyone who suffers from it, perhaps you know a dog who is roughly as smart as a bag of tacks. Allie writes about her dogs too. Hyperbole and a half is hilarious and touching, and her book comes out October 29.

You should definitely check it out.

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Many families have dogs! If you’re one of them, you should know that the Dove Lewis DogToberfest is this weekend!

Brave the less-than sunny weather and come get your dog washed. For the suggested donation of $10 (per dog), you get a clean beast and the knowledge that you’re supporting Portland’s premier animal emergency hospital. There’s vendors there including the terrific Morel ink. And last year, someone brought puppies to pet!

It’s Saturday, 11-5, over at Lucky Lab in south east; 915 SE Hawthorne, Portland.

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Going to the drive thru?

Drive thru theaters all over the country are struggling because of the new digital medium. But Honda’s giving away digital projectors to help the drive thru business to many worthy theaters all over the country, and our local Nyberg theater has won one. In fact, tonight, admission is free to celebrate!

More Info

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Costume Sale

I see on the NW Children’s Theater Facebook Page that they’re having a Costume Sale (and bizarre bazaar) this weekend from 11 to 4 both Saturday and Sunday. Whatcha gonna be for Halloween?

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An Adult took the Florida 10th Grade Standardized Test

A school board member in Florida took the standardized tenth grade test, the one handed out in high school that helps “steer” kids for college. He did … abysmally badly. If he had been a kid taking that, he’d be in remedial math classes and taking a double set of english / reading courses.

“It makes no sense to me that a test with the potential for shaping a student’s entire future has so little apparent relevance to adult, real-world functioning. Who decided the kind of questions and their level of difficulty? Using what criteria? To whom did they have to defend their decisions? As subject-matter specialists, how qualified were they to make general judgments about the needs of this state’s children in a future they can’t possibly predict? Who set the pass-fail “cut score”? How?”

“I can’t escape the conclusion that decisions about the [state test] in particular and standardized tests in general are being made by individuals who lack perspective and aren’t really accountable.”

Bigger Article

Do you know what’s on the Oregon test? Could you pass it? Who writes these tests? It’s important to keep our answers to these questions in perspective when we’re discussing future plans with our kids. And if the child’s test scores are out-of-character, find out about other methods of evaluating them.

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