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Theatrical Freestyle Motocross

What a terrific phrase! Three words I wouldn’t have put together on a scrabble board. Here’s what you need to know. Explosions. Lasers. Motorcycle backflips. One show only, March 24. Some more details: the Nuclear Cowboyz are debuting in Portland. … Continue reading

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Max and Julia’s Race Car Crayons

Well, aren’t those the cutest thing? You’re looking at “Race Car Crayons,” a set of crayons that can be used as little race cars. They’re made by a couple of kids in Eugene who want to go to DisneyWorld. I … Continue reading

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Free Emergency Car Door Unlocks

It’s surprisingly easy to accidentally lock a baby in the car, especially if you’re stressed, distracted, in a hurry, or sleep deprived. And what parent isn’t? Lock-ins happen for a variety of reasons: miscommunication between parents about who has the … Continue reading

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