Dog Park Upgrades

Do you have a dog? Many families do. The TrailBlazers and Banfield Pet Hospital are putting together an “extreme makeover” for one of three off leash areas in Portland.

I’m a fan of the Chimney Park makeover. Chimney Park was one of the first Off Leash parks in Portland and has the largest fenced area (5.5 acres) but it’s not exactly a shining example of what an off leash dog park could be. Maybe some agility training or a rope swing for terriers would be good additions?

On the other hand, Wallace Park is a tiny little section of the park within a fence, and is vital for the mental health of many dogs who live in that crowded northwest neighborhood. It’d be a good choice too.

I’m sure you could make a compelling case for Gabriel park as well, but I don’t know enough about it. Make your case in the comments!

But you must vote here (Banfield Dog Park Makeover) before March 31 to have your voice heard.

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