Cute Recycled Kids’ Sweaters

Here’s something you don’t see every day.
Cute Sweaters

Designer Adrienne Leverette started making sweaters for her infant daughter after cleaning out her own closet.

Leverette explains, “I couldn’t bear to throw away a couple of sweaters that had been accidentally shrunk in the wash, and my daughter didn’t like to wear jackets, so I found a way to keep her warm and make use of some still beautiful wool.” She goes on to describe her newly-discovered passion, “And then I couldn’t stop. I became captivated by the challenge of working with the unique properties of each cast-off garment to create something original, useful and charming. The look I am going for is elegant yet playful—almost hand-drawn.”

Well, these certainly look playful and hand-drawn! You can find these sweet sweaters online at her Etsy store, or you could go to the open trunk show at Queen Bee Creations (3961 N Williams, Ste 101 Portland, OR 97227) on Saturday, November 12, from 12-4 PM!

Thanks for sharing these, Adrienne!

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