Children’s Therapy- How Can It Help?

With children, the holidays are magical. They remind us adults of what it means to believe in something extraordinary, and they help us to find the beauty in simple tasks. Decorating the tree, lighting a candle, and baking cookies become sacred events, because the presence and wonder of a child transforms an otherwise mundane activity into ritual.

However, even around the holidays, a child’s level of presence and wonder can be hindered if he or she is struggling emotionally or behaviorally. Sometimes this occurs after a divorce, a birth or death, or a move. Other times, children struggle with an event the parents are sure the child can’t remember, such as an adoption, or birth trauma. In some cases, parents have no idea why the child has been acting out/ acting in, having trouble at school, or fighting with siblings.

Between wanting the best for your children and wanting to enjoy a care-free holiday season, it’s difficult knowing what to do or say when your child begins exhibiting bad behavior or has emotional melt-downs. If you have hit your limit as a parent or if your whole family has been affected by your child’s lack of presence, it may be time to seek out professional help, someone who is able to help restore balance and peace to the family system in time for the New Year.

Nicole Haxby, M.A. is a children’s psychotherapist located in SW Portland. She specializes in Experiential Play Therapy and works holistically with children struggling from emotional and behavioral issues. For more information on Nicole and her practice please visit her website at . Nicole can be reached at 971-322-5164.

Content supplied by Nicole Haxby.

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