The Magic Thief

The Magic Thief
This was a fun book. I’m mildly worried that the protagonist will be one of those “I can do anything” kinds, like the one in Eregon, but the ride there will be fun. At the moment, it’s enjoyable and fun. And an easy read- I finished it in a few hours. It’s probably good for a third or fourth grader, but you should read it to get a handle on it too. No sex, no cussing, no real violence. Well, some violence but it’s rarely fatal.

Conn is a street rat with quick fingers and soft feet who steals a wizard’s stone. The stone, a locus, is the focus for the wizard’s magic, and touching it should have been painful. Theft should have been fatal. It wasn’t, and the wizard wants to know why. The kid becomes his servant and they learn the reasons for the city’s drop in magic.

A great book, and I can’t wait for the sequel. You can learn more at the Magic Thief‘s website.

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