Vote Tomorrow

Tuesday, Nov 4 is the day to get your vote on. If your ballot hasn’t been mailed or dropped off yet, then get your procrastinating little fanny to the polling place. Take a friend.

I think it’s obvious that you should vote for Barack Obama. It’s not even an anti-Palin choice; you shouldn’t be voting against someone, but for someone. Obama stands for change, for economic sense and for …. well maybe you should be voting against McCain/Palin. And you should vote for Jeff Merkley, because his opponent (Gordon Smith) promises to vote for women’s rights but historically votes against them.

Well, ok; I think there is someone you should vote against. Any measure put forward by the felon Bill Sizemore should be examined very closely. For instance, measure 59 is put forth by him. He wants to “stop double taxation.” Basically, if you currently make 50,000 and pay 25 percent to the federal government, that’s 12,500. But you can only deduct the first $5,600 of it, and the rest gets taxed again in Oregon. This measure, if passed, would amount to a 15 percent across-the-board cut from education, safety, and other basic services. Sizemore wants to cut services to cut taxes for the rich.

Any measure that Bill Sizemore writes is guaranteed to be worded confusingly and the supporting advertisements are all “paid for by citizens for fair taxation” — a sneaky way to bring yet another argument into his advertising. Bill Sizemore sponsored Measures 58, 59, 60, 63 and 64. Please vote no on all of them.

I’m a fan of reducing taxes. Really. But Measure 64, for instance, wants to end “co-mingled funds.” Which is a fancy term that means that state money sometimes, somehow winds up in political campaigns. In fact, this measure is against the payroll deductions for state workers that pay union dues for SEIU, AFSCME and OEA. It’s endeavoring to treat public employees differently from private employees. The employee has earned the money fair and square and should be able to determine how it’s portioned out.

At any rate, no matter how you decide to vote, please vote. You can’t complain if you don’t vote.

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