Two For One deals

This confuses me, neighbors. A vague feeling of unease.

Coats being half-off at Fred Meyer’s. ( not at the minute; don’t go rushing out). Two for one deals on food at Safeway (The white cheddar cheese-its are very tasty). Both of these things are “buy one get one free.” However, people either take the item home or don’t worry about it, rather than doing something a little more organized.

Suppose Fred Meyer’s decided to promote, instead of “coats half off”, they went for “buy one coat and we’ll donate another coat to the Portland Mission” ? Equal or lesser value would be fine. Or “buy one box of cheese-its… we’ll put a second in the food donation barrel for you!” … You don’t really need two boxes of those at home, do you?

I know, silly. But it bugs me.

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