Getting your kids to sleep…

We family-bedded our firstborn, and even when she was eight it was a drama every night about her sleeping in her own bed (she hogs the covers!). With our second child we were more determined to put her in her crib. Her crib was in our bedroom in a corner, and we’d put her in there. Some nights we’d be a little quick to stick her in the crib, and she’d cry for a long time.

Last weekend, we moved her crib to a more central location; it’s a little room between the rest of the house and our bedroom (we’ve used it for a study and a nursery). It’s strange, because it’s a little noisier and people have to walk past her crib more often, but she’s quieter in there and falls asleep a lot quicker. She’s learning how to get herself to sleep and to sleep through the night (She’s two and has been sleeping through the night for many months). Our now-nine year old is still trying to get herself to sleep.

Good Night, Sleep Tight: The Sleep Lady\'s Gentle Guide to Helping Your Child Go to Sleep , Stay Asleep, And Wake Up HappyHow do you get your kids to sleep?

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