Remember to Vote

Your chance to influence our future and our kids’ future looms. Take a close look at the candidates, fill in your ballots, and send them in.

For a progressive look at your ballot, we recommend the Willamette Week lineup. But here you go for our picks.

First, though he’s been quiet as a governor, we want to keep Ted Kulongoski. He’s realizing how badly our state is in the toilet with regards to attracting businesses and educating our kids. Ron Saxton, if you’re a Republican, served on the Portland School Board for four years.

The race between Sten and Burdick has been interesting. On one hand, I believe in public-funded elections. I believe that the vast amounts of money that corporations have been able to ‘rent’ the candidates with are tainting our state and federal politics. I have to admit that when the Burdick commercials reminding us that Sten “has taken taxpayer money from schools and health care,” I was initially swayed. However, upon reflection, I realized what they were actually saying– that Ginny Burdick has taken money from people and from corporations in order to finance her campaign. Apart from that, Sten is smart, strong, and determined. Vote for Erik Sten.

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